An introduction to Margo Channing.

Paved With Stars
What you will find on this blog: Musicals (stage and screen). Films (the classics especially). The Lord of the Rings. Sherlock. Food. Disney. America. Mycroft Holmes. Karl Urban. Nature. American history. Animals. Marvel. Villains. Star Wars. The West Wing. Anything else that takes my fancy. This could be deemed eccentric, geeky, nerdy or almost normal. Current obsession: Mycroft Holmes/Mark Gatiss.

This is a Doctor Who free zone. But I won't hold it against you if you do like DW. Honest.

Basic info: 26 years of age, from the UK, female. Hence why you see a lot of male characters & actors on my blog. Especially the more mature kind. (With a few young un's thrown in, which is a shock to me but there you go).