I’m struggling to decide what upsets/angers me the most.

The fact that no-one seems to give a damn about War Horse Live because it is lacking in any big, massive, famous names, and therefore there are no sparkly gif sets because who cares, there’s no one to drool over (*coughIanShawcough*). 

Or the fact the only “War Horse” tumblr seems to recognize is the film.


And another thing, I realise that some people who aren’t British spell theatre, theatER, but the National Theatre is its name, so it should be safe from spelling differences. It’s just annoying have to search both the correct spelling and the incorrect one when trying to find anything to do with War Horse. Not that there is anything there to find.


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The Ballad of Phil Coulson

Fandom: Yes good we like this Coulson fellow.
Marvel: *Coulson dies*
Marvel: What?
Marvel: Aw, you really liked him that well? Gee, sorr--
Fandom: Yeah, what she said.
Marvel: Heeeeey, we can use this to our advantage...
Marvel: Yes! Coulson lives!
Fandom: ... What?
Clark Gregg: Hey guys!
Fandom: ...
Fandom: *twitch*
Fandom: WEEEEEE DIIIIIIDDD IIIIITT!! *and there was much rejoicing*
Clark Gregg: I LIVE!
Jed Whedon: *emerges cackling from the shadowy depths of Whedonhood whence the screams of tortured fans can be heard echoing off the cold stone walls of the dreaded Writer's Room*
Fandom: YES!
Fandom: Wait... he's a Whedon.
Fandom: But it's okay! He's not Joss! He won't hurt us like Joss!
Jed Whedon: *cackles more*
Fandom: OMGOMGOMG????
Fandom: I don't know what's actually going on here but it's definitely not Tahiti
Agents of SHIELD: So you wanna know what's really up with Tahiti?
Fandom: YESSSSS!!!
Fandom: frick.
Fandom: You better not kill Coulson again you sonuvabilgesnipe.
Fandom: *waitswaitswaits*
Fandom: NO
Agents of SHIELD: Yep, that's Tahiti
Fandom: F*CK YOU
Phil Coulson: LET ME DIE
Marvel: Jed what did you do now they want him to die
Jed Whedon: *evil laugh*
Jed Whedon: FEELS
Joss Whedon: High five, bro.
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This whole fiasco is further proof why shipping characters can be a very bad thing.

It is supposed to be fun, enjoyable, perhaps a little angsty and emotional at times. But god help anyone if they feel offended by comments on said characters.

So Mark Gatiss was asked a question as to what he thinks of Sherlock and Molly’s relationship development. Now I have seen comments ranging from stating that Mark is a sexist misogynist, to poor writer and even that he is disrespecting the character of Molly.

Lets just get a few things on record. He acknowledged that Molly was the person who initially just brought him tea and that Sherlock probably didn’t understand fully her level of feelings towards him. Just like every other character, Molly is background. (The interviewer was the one that stated scenery) and Gatiss agreed-like wallpaper. However now Sherlock has developed over the series and Molly has also developed as characters.

He understands a bit more now, he recognises her help and importance. Even Gatiss affirmed, yet again, how great a character Molly was. She was supposed to be a one off but she worked so well so was brought back. 

However to someone like Sherlock she is now just moving wallpaper. Just like to Mycroft everyone is a goldfish. It doesn’t mean she isn’t important, or that he doesn’t care. Molly hasn’t been reduced to anything or diminished. Gatiss wasn’t trying to insult you or your ship or a character. John his supposed to be his best friend, his only friend and Sherlock still treats him like crap. He drugs him, lies to him, basically calls him an idiot. Why does Molly get a free ride just because she is your favourite character? Or because she is a woman? Sherlock was always a bit of an arse but the BBC have taken that aspect of him and extended it further. BBC Sherlock is much more insulting and antagonistic than ACD Holmes. That is just how they want to run with it.

He is expressing his opinion on how fictional character A sees fictional character B. and I am pretty sure if he was asked a similar question on other characters like John or Anderson or Lestrade he would say something similar. To Mycroft they are Goldfish, to Sherlock people are wallpaper.

I have never seen anything been blown out of proportion in all my life (except maybe some stuff over on the Moffat tag but that is a whole other problem with the fandom).

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all-hearts-r-broken replied to your post “all-hearts-r-broken replied to your post “I don’t think I have ever…”

oh god, no, but I think BBC checks the usual tags and tells him: no more wallpaper references, Mark darling :) & yes, people just don’t listen they hear what they want to hear. The most hurtful thing was when someone stated he hates women bc he’s gay


Honestly, I don’t know what people want sometimes with female characters. Sherlock has maybe half a dozen, who either pop up now and then, or who are main characters, and they are all in their own way, really well developed and have all managed to be different without necessarily falling into the usual stereotypical groups.

But to express your own displeasure at the way these characters are drawn and portrayed by attacking the writer for his sexuality and blaming that for everything you don’t like…words fail me.

I’ll bet Mark is great company to be around if you are a female, and judging by the way he talks about his female relatives….. honestly people are just hateful sometimes because they have found an outlet for it where people will agree with them.

I’ve not checked his twitter page, I hope this hasn’t spilled onto there.


all-hearts-r-broken replied to your post “I don’t think I have ever seen something taken so quite of out…”

agreed to everything you stated above!!!! people are so stupid. I’m glad Mark has no tumblr blog…I would be ashamed if he’d know about the shit that’s going on here since yesterday morning.

Thank you. I just get so angry with all these people sitting on their high horses and deciding that this is setting females back a thousand years and how could he say THAT THING WOT HE SAID. I honestly could not believe what I was reading, because it didn’t seem like something he would do, and then when I saw the video you posted.

Ah, the old “reading into things are aren’t there in the first place”.

This just highlights the best and worst things about this fandom, and fandoms in general I guess. So many people with so many opinions, seeing this that aren’t there, and passing on misinformation. How many people have actually watched the video with an unbiased mind, with no opinion already formed by what they have already read?

I am also glad he isn’t on tumblr, but if they do check tumblr, the BBC etc, then I bet he knows about it.


I don’t think I have ever seen something taken so quite of out context.

"He’s relating women to objects, women are not objects".

Really? Is that REALLY what he was doing? Is he really saying that women are no better than wallpaper, that they should be viewed as pieces of furniture or decoration?

Or is it remotely possible, that in a FICTIONAL story, where the main FICTIONAL CHARACTER doesn’t function the same way as everyone else, where FACTS mean everything, and that people like Anderson and the man who owns the sandwich shop are of no IMPORTANCE to HIM unless they are providing him with mental stimulation (maybe food as well), is it not acceptable than in this FAKE, FICTIONAL, NOT-BASED-ON-FACT TALE, that for a TIME he also views a FEMALE character in the same way, where unless she is of use to him, she is not there, he doesn’t see her, because he doesn’t view people, including women, like people in the REAL, NON-FICTIONAL world do. In fact, she blends in, becomes part of the scenery, or dare I say it, the wallpaper. Or even more correctly, to use an old saying “to become part of the furniture”.

"Saying it’s how Sherlock views her is no excuse"

No excuse for what? For going along with THEIR version of a character, who clearly has issues regarding his people skills? Why should Molly Hooper be exempt from the cold indifference of Sherlock when he treats so many other people so badly? It makes SENSE to me, that up until a point when he actually opens his eyeballs and actually sees the person in front of him for the first time, Molly is someone he speaks to when he needs to, and that is it. She could be in a room with 15 people, and if 14 people are going to tell him something more important to a case he is working on, she would be last in line. 

And what’s even more annoying, in that interview, Mark Gatiss cannot say enough about how much Molly means to Sherlock, it’s pretty much everything we thought as fans, especially from the last series. But should he grovel and be sorry for the way he believes Sherlock VIEWS Molly? No, he shouldn’t, because it matches everything we know about Sherlock. Look at the Christmas party scene. And then look at some of their latest scenes in series 3. And just LOOK at what they have done to her character, look how much she has grown.

And when he says Sherlock will be viewing her as moving wallpaper in the next series, it’s right after he played down talks or a proposal. It was not a serious statement or comment, or something that is a reflection on the thoughts of the writers on females in general, Molly Hooper’s nose dive in character, to Sherlock’s sudden disdain for her. 

The only thing I can fault him on, is that he should have said that Sherlock “viewED” Molly as wallpaper, because as much as I believe he did, he definitely doesn’t now, which makes the whole idea of the moving wallpaper scenario even more “never going to happen x a million” than it already was.

I think if people are getting offended by this, it’s because they are looking too much into it.

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"Do you ever wonder if there's something wrong with us?"

Thank you for this. Thank you for bringing some normality back to the Mark Gatiss tag. Thank you for bringing some normality to the Sherlock fandom.

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He never, ever, ever said that one line to give that impression to anyone.

It never ceases to amaze me how so many people can listen to the same thing and yet hear it differently.

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The “wallpaper drama” comes from yesterday’s Q&A in Sao Paulo. The question about Molly starts at 7:25. Please, stop the hate and listen!

So hang on a minute here.

All the sabre rattling and pitch forks at the ready because apparently these comments are degrading every woman who has ever breathed…and all that shit (sorry it is)…

This is all because Mark is asked about Molly and Sherlock’s relationship and what is going to happen in the next series, and when he states that Sherlock never noticed or thought about Molly (true) the interviewer says that she was just part of the scenario (perhaps scenery was the inteneded word?) and he agrees saying that Sherlock saw her as just wallpaper (TRUE, always in the background).

Then when he goes on to explain how important she becomes to him, and how Sherlock will never forget what she has done, he then adds it doesn’t mean he is going to propose to her, he’ll just see her as moving wallpaper (EVERYONE LAUGHS)/

Jesus Christ, can no body say anything about anybody these days? He has just stated what is only the absolute TRUTH about Molly’s character and her development. And the tongue in cheek comment at the end, we KNOW BECAUSE OF WHAT HE JUST SAID 5 SECONDS PREVIOUSLY SHERLOCK IS NEVER GOING TO VIEW HER. THAT. WAY. AGAIN.

Because I think he probably did view her as moving wallpaper as time went by, she suddenly became useful to him but not important and now she is SOOOOO important to him, not because she is useful to him but BECAUSE.

So before everyone condemns him for hating on women and setting women back a thousand years, people should just actually listen to the story of Molly Hooper and how from a one scene character, she has become the MOST important female character in Sherlock, in Sherlock’s life. Molly Hooper is a strong female character, a beautifully written character. A character with warmth, and intelligence and she is just so finely drawn. Why is that not enough for people?

And then tell me that Mark Gatiss intentionally made that comment because he believes it to be true (therefore making his statement 5 seconds previously to be a lie and what we have been watching to be a lie as well). And then tell me that Mark Gatiss thought that comment was anything he should be lambasted for.

Because I certainly don’t. Because I understood what he was trying to say and Molly and Sherlock’s relationshipo, and I also understand this is another one of those “hahaha, let’s see who’s going to believe that we’re really doing THAT in the next series”.

Because the relationship between Molly and Sherlock has changed so much, I almost believe what he said was never going to happen, a proposal.

Because we ALL know they lie in these kinds of interviews don’t we?

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Watching War Horse has probably been one of the best experiences of my life. I always had high hopes that I would enjoy it, having heard so much about it, and also seeing some clips of Joey and how the horses work.

But I don’t think I expected to see something so powerful, so utterly breathtaking and so technically brilliant. I am still thinking about it now, some 6 hours after leaving the cinema, and I guess that is the kind of reaction the creators wanted.

I can’t actually coherently express how much I loved it, how much it moved me (yes, this cold hearted person got misty eyed, nay teary, several times) and how even with all the coughing and sneezing and crinkling of popcorn that often interrupted the most moving of scenes, I found myself lost inside the world of War Horse, and it was only when I really made myself think about how it all was working, that I realised how deeply I was involved in the story.

The technical side of it was the most astonishing thing I have seen in the theatre (not that I am an expert but still). Even now I am thinking back and just marvelling and how so many challenging landscapes were created with so little, and how by leaving so much to the imagination it made those scenes ever more powerful. The scene travelling to France with the horses, and the mimicking of the rocking of the ships and the awful crashing sounds of the waves, and the terrified sounds from the horses, with the ships in the backdrop, really hit me, because in all my thinking about the poor animals sent to war, it never occurred to me the challenges in getting them across the Channel and just what an absolutely terrifying situation it must have been, That scene alone, so basic and bare in its set, leaving the rest up to the audience to think and feel is one of the reasons I loved this so much.

The music was stunning, I was not expecting actual songs, but they worked so, so well. Always at the right time, always the right song, always creating a mood, one of joy or sorrow or wistful thinking for better times.

All the actors were amazing, but I absolutely found Ian Shaw as Frederich to be absolutely compelling. His character was for me, the one to be pitied the most, and there was just something about his character, that for me made him my favourite of all the humans.

Strangely now I don’t want to watch the film. I think the emotion conveyed with not very much will actually turn out to be more powerful than the historically accurate charges and the full blown sound of war. It will just be another war film, with it’s colours and correctness, whereas the stage show didn’t try to be an accurate representation of how it was, but because it gave you enough to go on, it made it more real, if that makes sense.

I am absolutely not content with seeing this screened live, and I will definitely try and get to see this (hopefully with the London cast) at some point in the near future. I am going to London in 2 weeks time, and will be making a special visit to the National Theatre as I want to pick up some items, especially the book and the CD from their shop. 


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According to a lot of people (apparently), we shouldn’t be using the word “bossy” any more. This campaign was new to me, and both my mum and myself sat there in stunned silence. Two outspoken, strong minded women who had been called bossy themselves in the past without any negative affect (I have however a list of other things in this world that cause me negative affects on my confidence and general mental health and it has nothing to do with things associated with being a female, but just a human being with feelings and needs).

One of the best birthday cards I ever received was from my eldest bother when I was about 8 or 9 of Little Miss Bossy, who incidentally is one of my favourite Little Miss characters for obvious reasons. The fact he was trying to tell me something with that birthday card, perhaps hinting at a character trait, did not cause me to suddenly feel depressed or down about myself. Instead it just made me feel that much better that my ability to boss people around had been recognized, something I still do to this day. If something needs to be done, and you’re the person to do it, and you ain’t getting it done….after I have spoken to you, it WILL get done. 

Sometimes I say to myself “hmm…maybe I was a bit harsh on that person…maybe too bossy” and then five seconds later think “damn right, but they needed that kick up the backside”.

If someone ever replied to my demands and said I was being bossy it would be the same as them saying to me “you’re in a bad mood”. It would probably cause me to snap at them, not because I was upset they had recognized my current mood or attitude but because it would make me think “SO??? you’re telling me this because?”

I generally support most things in this life to do with women and all the campaigns and causes that there are. However, a lot of the time tumblr makes me feel like I am a bad person, a bad female for not agreeing with everything, and for actually looking at women the same as I look at men, and finding fault. I support a lot of things, now I come to think about it, even when all the slogans tell me I’m wrong for thinking this and feeling that.

Which is why I usually shy away from anything that looks remotely like a feminist post or quote. Most of the time I feel stupid because I either don’t understand the argument or I feel like I am a horrible person for not agreeing with said opinion or quote or that I am truly evil for ever even thinking anything bad about a fellow female. 

So with my feelings confused once more by tumblr, all I can say is if people think that I am bossy sometimes, it’s perfectly fine with me, because I think I’m bossy when I want to be, and I am really OK with that. I may have a lot of other problems going on, but being called bossy is not one of them.

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Reblog if you will answer EVERY ANON in your ask right now.


ok i’m just going to post this list of people who are problematic and have done problematic things off the top of my head so you can unfollow if you disagree with the facts

and i think that’s enough for now, hope you all are having a nice night!

Interesting read…some are “wow, you can’t really mean that”, some are completely taken out of context, and some are people making poor choices and some are actually pretty woeful opinions to air in public.

However, Benedict Cumberbatch has now risen in my mind, because I totally agree with him about the 2011 riots, something which I still haven’t quite got over. He has my permission to do anything he wants when the next riots happen (which they will because people are idiots).

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I don’t know what is actually the saddest part about John Travolta’s introduction - the fact that somewhere between the looking at the autocue and the words coming out of his mouth, he lost the ability to read or the fact he was so careful in making sure he pronounced Adele Dazeem’s name correctly.

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